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Sabrina Di Lollo / Contributor

Earlier this season, (against New Providence) I injured myself and later found out that I have a bone contusion. It was almost impossible for me to walk on it the day after and continued to bother me. After icing and elevating it as much as I could, the swelling went down and it started to feel a lot better. I missed a few games and had to sit out for about a week before I could start running again. I hated sitting out and watching my team warm up and not being a part of it. With counties coming up, I really wanted to get back on the field as soon as possible. I took baby steps and I started off running, and eventually going through a full practice. Now, it is feeling much better, and I am 100% back!

This time of the year is always extremely exciting for our team. We know what our job is; it’s to win and advance. The amount of intensity we bring to every single game is incredible.

This year’s county tournament was such a great experience. Every year, we look forward to playing under the lights at the ALJ field, and then to the field at Kean University for the finals. This year was no different as we accomplished our goal of winning counties…our 7th straight Union County Title! What a great feeling.

I know that my team is capable reaching all of our goals.



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