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Ryan Peterson / Contributor

Every couple of years, Coach Breznitsky takes his high school team on a preseason trip. A trip filled with great training, tough competition, special team bonding, and some much needed leisure time for the coaches and players. This year I was fortunate enough to take part in this trip to Costa Rica.

Even at 4 o’clock in the morning on the bus to the airport everyone was buzzing. Eleven days away with your team to a beautiful country to play a sport we all love. I guarantee not many high schoolers, if any, have the privilege of going on a trip like this.


And a privilege it was. We zip lined in the jungle, swam in the amazing Pacific Ocean, and visited a volcano. Everyone’s favorite event was a trip to the children’s center. We stopped at this center when we traveled from the city of San Jose to the beach area on the Pacific side of the country. When we arrived all the children were seated nicely on the ground staring us down. We each introduced ourselves in the megaphone using our terrible Spanish. Then the head counselor started a countdown. At cero (zero), all the children got up a ran. In an instant each player had two or three kids pulling on his arms with another kid on his back. After an hour at the center, all of us were sweating more than we ever have in one of Coach Joe’s fitness sessions. Overall, the trip was unforgettable, however, each player will tell you this single hour was the best part of it.


Playing against the Costa Rican teams was an educational experience in its own. We played in professional stadiums against teams that have trained together for years. We found out a little more about our identity as a team; what we are good at and what we need to improve on. There is no doubt in my mind this team is prepared for the season. Prepared for greatness.

Special thanks to Coach Tom Breznitsky, Coach Joe Mortarulo, Coach Marc Stiffler, Coach Ryan Breznitsky, and our chaperones, Danny Ferrara, and Omar Abdella.
– Ryan Peterson, Senior, SPFHS Varsity Soccer Player



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