About Us

Darby Road Public House is a social and community hub “Proudly Serving the Garden State.” DRPH is located in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, just a few blocks off State Highway 22, on Park Avenue.

In keeping with the idea of a local public house similar to pubs in Ireland, Scotland and England, the idea of Darby Road was born. You won’t find leprechauns or wagon wheels on the walls, just friendly owners and staff happily serving great food and drinks in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

With 10 Flat Screen TV’s featuring every major and local sporting event, including all European Soccer matches. You can tip a few pints, have a great meal, catch up with your mates, run into old acquaintances or make new friends.

Our menu includes an eclectic spin on American comfort foods blended with some classic Irish Fare, as well as our interpretations of regional favorites from all over the world. Executive Chef Ryan Conway strives for a balance between ever-changing seasonal menu items and our signature must have dishes.

Aside from our constantly evolving menu special events are always happening. Our biggest event of the year is our St. Patricks Day Weekend Festival. The event is family friendly and full of activities. Local and professional bands perform live, while traditional Irish fare and beers are served.

Giving back

At Darby Road our sense of community and desire to give back is hard wired into our DNA. Staying connected to the community we serve is very important. In addition to hosting fundraisers, supporting community programs, sponsoring local sports teams, donating to the Salvation Army and working with all of our schools, we are continuously looking for more ways to get involved and lend a hand.


Darby Road is the historical name of present day Park Avenue, the street where this establishment resides. It was named after a local resident and philanthropist, William Darby*. In her local history book “Under the Blue Hills,” author Mrs. Rawson explains how the street name changed.

“The settlers around the Fanwood Train Station imagined themselves to be more sophisticated than the (Scotch Plains) villagers, whom they regarded as less ‘progressive’. They landscaped the grounds around the railroad station by bringing in large evergreens, so that when travelers on the train passed through they would get the impression of a sophisticated and modern people. The creators of the ‘park-like’ garden setting felt that the entire road, then known as Darby Road, was deserving of a more distinguished and elegant name, and so changed it to Park Avenue. The Scotch Plains villagers did not approve.”

William Darby

William Darby was born 1693 in Scotch Plains, Union County, New Jersey, and died February 26, 1775 in Scotch Plains, Union County, New Jersey. On October 14, 1747, he was named a deacon, the first Ruling Elder and acting Deacon in the Baptist Church of Scotch Plains, which he had helped to found on August 5, 1747. The church still stands on the corner of Park and Mountain Avenue.